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Each table has its own story

Wood that passes through our hands has its past and story. It will bring an irreplaceable atmosphere to your home. It will bring new stories, friendships and future. Let yourself be carried by the unique smell of wood, quality and luxury that our tables are offering to you.

We do not produce – we create

We look for inspiration in nature. We complete what was created by nature itself. It results in original wood design works – elegant timeless handmade tables. We use to combine wood with natural materials, whereas even a small detail is important.  We choose the first-class materials for you, which revive the structure of wood. By combining wood, resin, glass or stone, each piece produced becomes unique one. We create our designs and models suitable for different interiors. We will make everything exactly according to your ideas.

Exclusive wood products

Like our lives, every tree has its own history and development too. Also, trees breathe, grow, get old and have their energy. And that is, why we decided to keep these spectacular works of nature and to connect them with our destinies and to transform them into unique design products.

We use boards from tree trunks that were saved in time from being cut into firewood. Most of them come from places, where there are trees that threaten the surrounding buildings, people in parks or fell victim to a calamity. At the end of their lives, we breathe new life into them.

Our tables are timeless and unique ones. Thanks to their unique designs, they transform every place and keep an unrepeatable impression. Enjoy the pleasure of this luxurious element in your homes too or have made a beautiful desk for your office.

Our Gallery

Originality Certificate

We are grateful for your support and great enthusiasm for our work. You will receive the Originality Certificate bearing signature Design Timber to each product. The Certificate is declaring that the work bought by you is handmade, unique and original one.